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Back to Biking

This is a course aimed at riders who hold a full motorcycle licence but are returning to riding after a break for whatever reason.

The motorcycle industry, like many others, has progressed technologically over recent years, and the bikes are very different to ones ridden years ago; as a result, many people feel apprehensive about getting on a modern machine. This course allows a great opportunity to get your skills back in check, to ensure you’re remembering the safest way to ride your new machine. Slow bike control, effective use of observations and correct road positioning are just a few topics to be covered during this course.



Aims of the course

Taking some time to regain your skills and confidence can only be of benefit in the long run. Your safety, and the safety of others on the road whilst riding, is a priority, and this course is designed to refresh these skills, and hopefully add to them, and in doing so increase your confidence on the bike.


We aim to increase your skills in the following areas:


Slow bike control

Road positioning

Braking & Gear Selection

Rear observation

Use of speed

Basic Machine Checks

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