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  1. Trainees must:

    • Be able to understand & communicate with the instructors in English;

    • Be appropriately dressed (see paragraph 7 below);

    • Bring glasses/contacts if normally worn;

    • Bring on the day of training either:

      1. a valid Provisional or Full UK driving licence or

      2. a valid EU driving licence that has been registered with DVLA. You must bring both the License and the registration document received from DVLA; Old style Paper licences will require some form of photo ID;

      3. a valid CBT certificate (for students taking part in DAS training)

      4. Trainees will not be able to participate in the course should they fail to bring the documents listed above and their fee will be forfeited.

    • Ensure you have read and understand the current edition of the Highway Code;

    • Settle all course fees in full prior to training.

    • When training is undertaken on a Trainee’s own vehicle, in respect of that vehicle Trainees must:

      1. Provide original proof of insurance;

      2. Provide a current original M.O.T. certificate where the machine is more than three years old;

      3. Provide valid ‘road tax’;

      4. Ensure L-plates are fitted on both front & rear of the motorcycle;

      5. Ensure the machine is roadworthy and in good working order;

Trainees will not be able to participate in the course should they fail to bring the documents listed above and their fee will be forfeited.

  1. CBT courses start at 8:15 am. CBT Trainees must arrive at 08.00am  

  1. Students must arrive 15 mins prior to ANY course commencing

  2. Lateness will count as a cancellation and will result in payment being forfeited.

  3. A minimum of 5 working days notice is required to cancel/postpone a CBT course, without which payment will be forfeited.

  4. A minimum of 5 working days notice is required to cancel/postpone intensive courses, including DAS training, without which the fee will be forfeited. Lateness will also count as a cancellation and will result in the fee being forfeited.

  5. All cancellations notified in time will be subject to a 10% administration fee.

    • Avalon Motorcycle Training reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown or illness. In the case of cancellation your fees will be refunded in full.

  6. Our customer’s safety is of a paramount importance for us and therefore we reserve the right to cancel any course if Trainees are deemed inappropriately dressed for the course. In this event, the Trainee will forfeit their fee.

  7. ​​Appropriate clothing: Substantial trousers (no shorts/jogging pants/jeans with holes; Long sleeve substantial jacket. Substantial boots with socks (no slip on/slip off footwear, training shoes or soft canvas type shoes). We can provide helmets, jackets and gloves (included in the cost of the course) if required.

  8. CBT trainees who Do Not reach the required standard during the Off Road training will not be able to complete the On road element and their CBT course will end there and will have to rebook.

  9. At the time of booking, all Trainees automatically enter a vehicle hire agreement with Avalon Motorcycle Training which enables them to use the company’s vehicles on the road for the duration of their training. Trainees will be liable and responsible for any traffic offences committed and penalties incurred whilst riding the company’s vehicles.



Injuries & Accidents

  1. We will do everything within our power to ensure the safety of our students, however, riding any motorcycle or scooter carries some risk to the rider. The student must understand these risks and agree to undergo training with their own free will. The bikes are fully insured, but you are not. We will not pay for any lost days of work or damage to your personal kit in the event of an accident.

  2. The student must accept responsibility for their own actions during training and any possible injury caused. Students are responsible for the control of the motorcycle, we can only advise you verbally. Avalon Motorcycle Training and our Instructors cannot accept liability or be subject to any claim for any injury or accident you may suffer whilst riding independently or accompanied.

  3. Any student that sustains injury during their training will have their training stopped and medical attention will be sought if needed. We always recommend that medical attention is sought in all cases and that injuries are checked by a medical practitioner. However, if the student is happy to continue the training it will be at their own discretion.



Hiring & Possible Damages to Bikes

  1. Bikes are motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

  2. Kit includes: Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Boots, Over-trousers, Waterproofs, Training Vests and Radio equipment. If there is any damage to the kit when given to you it’s your responsibility to inform the Instructor of the fact, or you may be held liable.

  3. The bike and any damage to a 3rd Party are covered with fully comprehensive insurance, when undergoing actual training with us.

  4. If in the event of an accident the bike is beyond road side repair the rest of the session may be cancelled.

  5. We will endeavour to match students with a suitable bike for all motorcycle courses, however, if we think it’s unsafe for the student to ride a motorcycle due to its size or power we will transfer the training to a more suitable bike.

  6. Our bikes are all thoroughly maintained and serviced, however, in the event of a mechanical breakdown we will endeavour to provide a substitute vehicle. If a test, session or course has to be cancelled we will organise further training and tests at no additional cost to the student, however, we will not cover any other further costs encountered by the student.

  7. In the event of a puncture, the training will be suspended until the vehicle is roadworthy and any lost time will be added on to another session

  8. Students are NOT permitted to sit on, touch or ride any of our bikes without the direct permission of an Instructor. Students riding a bike without the Instructor being present or without our permission will have all their training terminated immediately. No refund will be issued.




Hiring & Possible Damages to Kit

  1. We can normally provide the use of all the necessary safety equipment free of charge for those students that require it. This service is complementary and it’s not a requirement for us to provide this service. We do hold a significant amount of motorcycle safety helmets and clothing in a variety of sizes to suit most normal head and body sizes, however, should a student not be able to find a helmet or item of clothing that fits, the student will have to provide his/her own.

  2. Students undergoing any test are advised that they MUST wear a pair of sturdy boots that cover the ankle and that allow easy use of the foot controls. We do not supply these therefore, it’s the sole responsibility of the student to provide their own. No refund for missed tests will be given. Students undergoing other training are strongly advised to also wear suitable footwear as training may be cancelled with no refund offered.

  3. In the event that any equipment is damaged, either by deliberate or unauthorised act, the student will reimburse Avalon Motorcycle Training the cost to replace the damaged item within 7 working days of notification.

  4. All safety equipment is regularly checked to ensure it meets required health and safety requirements. Students that require safety equipment should look after all equipment provided and return each item at the end of each training day. Any student caught stealing any kit/equipment will be banned from any further training at the Avalon Motorcycle Training.



Medical Conditions

  1. Full disclosure must be made by the student, at the time of booking, if he/she knows of any drug/medical/medication (prescription or otherwise) or condition that could impair his/her riding ability. Failure to disclose any issues that become apparent to us will result in the termination of the training. This includes full notification of any learning difficulties. No refund will be issued.


Eyesight Test

  1. On the CBT or first day of training you will be expected to read a number plate from the legally required distance of 20m. If vision aids are required to successfully complete the eyesight test, these vision aids must be worn when riding our vehicles. Failure to clearly read & pass the eyesight test will result in the immediate termination of the student’s training


Alcohol & Drugs

Arriving for training under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in the immediate cancellation of the entire training session. No refund will be given.



Abusive Behaviour

Avalon Motorcycle Training will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards any member of our staff, DVSA employee, or any other student. Any student behaving in an abusive or disruptive manner will have their training immediately terminated. They will be asked to leave the premises immediately and any incident may be reported to the police. No refund will be given for any remaining training.

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