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Post Test Training

We are now offering Post Test Training days, either on your bike or you can hire one of ours.

The course is designed to give you greater understanding of how the bikes handle, and be more observant in normal riding.

The aim of the course is to make you more comfortable and relaxed on the bike and therefore be safer.

It will teach you more about safer road positioning and awareness of hazards, when and how to overtake comfortably and confidently. We will also cover motorway riding during the day.

The day will last approximately 5-6 hours, with plenty of tea stops and a lunchstop (lunch is included in the price )

The course will be carried by an IAM certified rider (please note, this is NOT an IAM course)

As the name of the course suggests, it is only available to holders of full A or A2 category licences, on machines capable of safe motorway speeds.

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