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Full Licence

Motorcycle Pass certificate

Requirements for Full Motorcycle   Licences:

All licence types require a theory test and CBT for your first licence. You do not need a theory certificate or CBT when upgrading your licence from A1 or A2 to a full A catergory licence.

A, A1 & A2 Motorbike Courses:


Training and Test for both Module 1 and Module 2

Requirements: CBT and theory certficates

Ages: 17+ (A1), 19+ (A2), 24+ (Accelerated or Direct Access)

DAS Trainees

What's covered?

All manoeuvres and excercises for the off-road Module 1 test in the practical centre.


Training for the on-road Module 2 test. We also teach safety, road positioning, alertness, and advanced handling in these tests to improve your safety.

Basic info

The A, A1 and A2 licences all have the same two part tests:

Module 1:  an off road test in a test centre, testing handling and manoeuvrability ,

Module 2:  road test . We train for both of these tests for all licence types.

Full Licence holder

Check out some of past succesful Candidates HERE.

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