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Full Licence

A, A1 & A2 Motorbike Courses:


Training and Test for both Module 1 and Module 2

Requirements: CBT and theory certficates

Ages: 17+ (A1), 19+ (A2), 24+ (Accelerated or Direct Access)

What's covered?

All manoeuvres and excercises for the off-road Module 1 test in the practical centre.


Training for the on-road Module 2 test. We also teach safety, road positioning, alertness, and advanced handling in these tests to improve your safety.

Requirements for Full Motorcycle   Licences:

All licence types require a theory test and CBT for your first licence. You do not need a theory certificate or CBT when upgrading your licence from A1 or A2 to a full A catergory licence.

Basic info

The A, A1 and A2 licences all have the same two part tests:

Module 1:  an off road test in a test centre, testing handling and manoeuvrability ,

Module 2:  road test . We train for both of these tests for all licence types.

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